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The training of techniques are meant to prepare the body, but it is the training of the mind that allows you to face adversity with the presence of mind that enables you to see it through. Because peace is not the absence of chaos, but the presence of a state of inner peace, even in the midst of chaos.


Our Dojo (training place) belongs to the Bujinkan school, headquartered in Noda, Japan and headed by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi Sensei. We learn and engage Budo-Tai-Jutsu ( "Ninjutsu"), under Soke Hatsumi (Japan) and Dai-Shihan Danny Waxman (Israel).

Our learning approach aims to implement the principles and approach to life and art of combat of the Ninjutsu and the traditional Judo, as teaches us Hatsumi Sensei and Dani Waxman Sensei. Our learning consists of studying the physical aspects in fighting and mental aspects. Through study incorporates the traditional fighting with Zen philosophy, and aims to train the student as a fighter and as a person of higher consciousness to himself and to his environment, with a deep inner spiritual peace, humanism and original thinking ability, bold, creative and "outside the box".

The teacher: Shidoshi Shai Regev, Dan 15, is a student of Dai-Shihan Danny Waxman and engaged in martial arts since 1989. He starts his career in martial arts with modern Jujutsu and Judo, alongside Tai Chi studies, and from 1999 became a student of Budo-taijutsu and Judo under Dai-Shihan Dani Waxman.

Also, Shai is a geographer (M.A) urban planner by profession, and engaged in a variety of extreme sports.

We gladly accept every person, age 13 and over, interested and willing to go this hard way - the way to the discovery of the true self, the mind and body ductile through soft way of fighting study.

E-mail: Tel: 050-6218325 

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