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Zen and Martial-Arts

One of the most important goals of Zen is to help the practitioner to find to discover and to reach the "real self". In our modern busy and stimuli immediate, superficial and changing very fast world , it's easy to a person to lose his own identity, his "true self", and often he changes his identity and his ego with "artificial self", the self broadcasted and expects by the environment, by the comunity. In fighting and conflicts, it is very important to recognize and maintain the true self, because fighting - beyond the physical aspect - very well involve mental and psychological aspects, through which the opponent aims to undermine your defense, your stability and your resistance. You don't have to be dragged and be affected by the position of the opponent. Keep your independence, your personality and your true self. To identify the true self one has to quiet the mind. That we gain by practicing zazen and practice Ninjutsu and the Let-Go and Hatsumi Sensei approach to fighting.

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